ShemShem Guy

My name is Shem Guy. I am a Ranken Technical College alumnus but shortly after graduation I learned that I had a more potent and noticeable talent in fashion design. The funny thing is I always knew that I could draw. It was a natural gift. One day I noticed that I was gaining weight and outgrowing my clothes…well at least my stomach was. So I started thinking and imagining how clothes could fit more comfortably, loose yet slightly fitted. My imagination became illustration on paper. I was starting my music career and thought my music and fashion could go hand in hand. It’s funny how God works. Keli Khristine has been a friend of the family for a while now and during the 2014 holiday season she explained her vision for her fashion business to me. Little to her surprise, I had already drawn fashion design sketches and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to support a friend and local business at the same time. I also wanted the chance to expose my talent for music as well as fashion. I offered Keli my sketch design abilities to be used in her emerging company. When she saw my sketches she became amazed and it’s been magic ever since.